Vision Divine started out as a solo project of Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth) in 1998 but  soon it became a real band when Fabio Lione (Rhapsody) jumps on board. The debut album was released in 1999 and three years later the follow up “Send Me An Angel” set the power metal world on fire. But Lione left the band after this album because he couldn’t keep his career and Vision Divine running as he wanted to. Michele Luppi came on board and the band completed three more albums. In 2008 Luppi left the band but Olaf spread the word that Fabio was back in full force. In 2009 they released “9 Degrees West Of The Moon”. Now Olaf is back with a real concept album “Destination Set To Nowhere”


Vision Divine  is:

Fabio Lione – vocals
Olaf Thorsen – guitars
Federico Puleri – guitars
Alessio Lucatti – keyboards & piano
Andrea “Tower” Torricini – bass
Alessandro Bissa – drums



The main character in this story was disgusted by a world where the politicians care for nothing else but their money and power. He build a huge spaceship named Elpis and finally left this planet. Together with other men and woman who see things the same way as he did they went on a search of a new planet to settle. Days, weeks, months passed since the start of their adventure. Being lost in space for all those years he found it hard to keep his sanity. He almost lost hope and when all is silent he hears voices calling him. After so many years all the members where excited they found a planet and used the capsules to land on the planet. The “leader” even put a message in a bottle and threw it into space. At first the planet seemed perfect. No pollution, no greed , no struggle for power. But not even a year later things started to turn for the worst. People started to claim their own properties, build fences and getting greedy. They started to turn this heaven into the same hell as they left. The man who build the ship turned back to the vessel and left the planet’s orbit. He traveled alone while his destination was set to ….nowhere.

Spoken lyrics from the ancient poem “S’I Fosse Foco” open this concept album. “The Dream Maker” awakens you from those peaceful two minutes with flashing keys, heavy riffs and a strong rhythm section. When we hear Fabio for the first time my spine starts to shiver. The man has an impressive voice! What we get here is a fine slice of power metal with a symphonic touch. The use of the keys and the piano makes it stand out from the other bands in the genre. “Beyond The Sun And Far Away” is a mid-tempo track where the bass guitar has a major part in the sound. The chorus holds some mind blowing vocal lines from Mr. Lione. The keys solo even builds a bridge tot the Rising-era Rainbow.  “The Ark” also kicks off with those old school keys but  transforms into a furious mixture of riffs and drum. The chorus injects some melody and makes the song a bit less heavy. The solo is surprisingly melodic and slow paced. This melodic feeling gets amplified by the following spacy keys parts! When Fabio sings with a normal pitch it seems like there is another singer aboard. I never thought that he such a wide vocal range! This becomes clear in the soft intro of “Mermaids From Their Moons”. This fast track is a perfect blend of shred-like guitars , luscious keys and of course the voice of Fabio.


The band shifts in the highest gear in the flashing “The Light House”. The keys and the guitar compete in this speedy track for the trophy of the fastest instrument. Even the drums and the bass join this race after a while. The instrumental break is a real keys -guitar duel! “Message To Home” is the first ballad of the album. A welcome change of pace and a time to dream away with the relaxing voice from Lione, who is extremely sensitive here! A very emotional and sensitive guitar solo is the big red cherry on this romantic pie. “The House Of The Angels” brings you back to reality and sounds more dark. The very melodic chorus forms a nice contrast with the heavy riffs. “The Sin Is You” has a slightly different sound. The bass rules big time here. But the biggest surprise is definitely the calm and deeper voice from Fabio. He sounds like a polished version of Billy Idol during the strophes. But he’s back with full force with his high tones in the chorus. The keys from Alessio are pure ear-candy and give the album that fresh sound. Pounding drums and thrash-like riffs opens the aggressive “Here We Die”. Also the vocals from Fabio sound meaner and darker. After those minutes of a musical violence the album closes in perfect harmony with the romantic title track. The track could easily be placed on a early Dream Theater album. It’s a mixture of “Wait for Sleep” and “Lifting Shadows of a Dream”. Even Fabio uses that typical  vibrato in his voice.  Yeah, even James Labrie comes in mind. The perfect ending for an excellent concept album.

Olaf Thorsen has made a fabulous album full of power metal with some influences from different metal styles. This extra touch makes it stand out from the mass of the release in the genre. Besides an excellent instrumentation en superb vocals from Fabio the album has an interesting lyrical theme as well. I’m sure that this album will do several spins in the car and I will never get tired of it.

Score: 4,25 out of 5


  1. S’I Rosse Foco
  2. The Dream Maker
  3. Beyond The Sun And Far Away
  4. The Ark
  5. Mermaids From Their Moons
  6. The Lighthouse
  7. Message To Home
  8. The House Of The Angels
  9. The Sin Is You
  10. Here We Die
  11. Destination Set To Nowhere


Geschreven door Rik Bauters


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