Von Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising – Universal Music – Release: Out now

Von Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising – Universal Music – Release: Out now.

VON-HERTZEN-BROTHERS-300x300This band has been going on for quite a few years and despite making highly accessible rock they’ve managed to stay under the radar. Their music really reminds me of the big stadium rock bands like Coldplay. At times soft and atmospheric, other times rocking out like with the catchy single “New Day Rising”.
Most songs are highly keyboard-backed catchy tracks, yet there’s also the occasional softer track like “Black Rain” and the very melancholic album closer “Hibernating Heart”.
A personal favourite for me is “Sunday Child”, which has a very long build-up before erupting into one big crescendo of joy.
While this band might remind you of certain other big name bands they really bring the good stuff with great skill that manages to sweep you along. Highly recommended if you want some more mature, yet still catchy rock.

Score: 4.2 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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