VREID – Welcome Farewell – Indie recordings release 22 -02 -2013

VREID – Welcome Farewell – Indie recordings  release 22 -02 -2013

With their album “V” , Vreid got nominated for the Norwegian Grammy! Now these dark crusaders are back with the new opus: Welcome Farewell. They often got labeled black ‘n roll. Let’s find out what Welcome Farewell will bring

Vreid is:
Hváll – Bass
Sture – Vocals/Guitar
Strom – Guitar
Steingrim  – Drums


Vreid opens here in their typical Norwegian rock ‘n roll. Even though the sound is definitely  black, there is some sort of joyful vibe to it. The groove is certainly noticeable between the more darker depths of black. These mood swings are a nice welcome in the song structure. The melancholic parts flows very gently  in more hopeful tides. I love the build up in the  songs. No wonder these boys where Norwegian Grammy nominated.

The guitarwork is topnotch and the vocals aren’t that special, but suits the music good enough! The riffing makes my metal heart pump fast and hard! The title song “Welcome Farewell“  is a good example how black can be infused with some nice melodic instrumental parts.  Such a beautiful groovy black metal song!

The rhythm section is giving nice passages to bang along on! The drums are very slamming on occasional times! Lyrical wise the boys took a little sidestep from the concept wise ones and put it more on a personal level this time around. The artwork is sublime. With all these points considered, I conclude that Vreid added another pearl to their already impressive catalog


1. The Ramble
2. Way Of The Serpent
3. The Devils Hand
4. Welcome Farewell
5. The Reap
6. Sights of Old
7. Black Waves
8. At The Brook

Bonus Track*
9. Fossil

Vreid keeps delivering great work! Fans of melodic black with a twist of rock ‘n roll must give this one a try.

Score 3,75 out 5

Link: http://www.vreid.no

Text Ronald van de Baan

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